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international career

018 -2019

Tirana, Republic of Albania
2016 -2017     Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo
2014     Melchsee, Switzerland
2000-2001     Fort Myers, Florida, USA
1990     Johannesburg, South Africa
1989-1990     Kuwait,Kuwait City,  Arabic Gulf
1987     Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands
1982-1983     Vulpera, Switzerland

5-star hotels

Swiss Diamond Hotel - Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo

Cerês, Binz on Rügen, Baltic Sea, Germany

Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin, Germany

Kuwait International Hotel, Kuwait, Arabia Gulf

Grand Hotel, Huis ter Duin, Noordwijk, Holland

Vulpera Hotels, Vulpera, Switzerland

Director of Food and Beverage & Operations   2018 - 2019

Hilton Garden Inn - Tirana, Republic of Albania

Pre-opening and implementation of Hilton first branded hotel in Albania       

Director of Food and Beverage & Operations   2016 - 2017 Swiss Diamond Hotel - Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo
Director of Food and Beverage & Operations   2016 Hotel Cerês - Binz on Rügen, Baltic Sea, Germany
Interim Food & Beverage Manager 2015 StrandResort Markgrafenheide - Markgrafenheide, Germany
Interim Food & Beverage Manager   2014 Hotel Frutt Lodge & Spa - Melchsee, Switzerland
Project Manager / Project Management   2013 Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin - Berlin, Germany   

Responsible for the remodelling and set up, implementation and opening scheduling of the Kempinski pan-asian dining restaurant concept KEMPINSKIS SRA BUA byTim Raue at the Hotel Adlon Berli

key strengths & personal qualities


keepíng it simple // creating something great out of simple ingredients // focus on value for money

About me


I was born in Soest, Germany.  I attended the Hotel Schools in Bad Ueberkingen and in Heidelberg, the Hotel School of Bavaria in Altötting, as well as the Mercator University of Duisburg, Germany. 

I began my hospitality career on the Island of Helgoland, Germany in 1975 where I undertook a full time apprenticeship as a chef and later graduated from the renowned Hotel School of Bavaria (Vocational College) in Altötting, Germany, as a Master Chef.

I possess sound knowledge of modern style cooking, menu development and definitively have an eye for detail, also within a fast paced environment. I can truly say that I embody the so called “German virtues”: reliability, thoroughness and straightforwardness. Another of my strengths is the creation, leadership, training and motivation of teams as well as strong creativity and a passion for food.

My professional enthusiasm and culinary spirit soon drove me abroad to discover and study more about the global deluxe Hotel and fine dining restaurant segment

During my career, I gained extensive experience in Food & Beverage management.  I also earned a degree in Management at ComCave College in Dortmund, Germany.

In all, I bring with me over 30 years of experience in the international luxury hospitality industry, including Food & Beverage Management, having worked in upscale kitchens, restaurants and resorts around the world.
I was also in charge of high-end European cuisine in Kuwait, in South Africa, The Netherlands and Germany.
I have worked for companies including Kempinski, Hilton, Holiday Inn and other international hotels and resorts.
During my broad career path, I have pre-opened hotels in Germany and provided consultancy services to leading restaurants in Germany and in the USA. Until recently, I have held numerous Executive Management positions.
I have lived and worked in the European region, in South Africa, The United States, The Netherlands and The Arab Emirates for over 20 years. 





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Building customer value in the hospitality industry. Developing monitoring and controlling tools and software. They are an important foundation for my work and the daily overview and P&L statement.
They provide a tool with which to be able to act at short notice and quickly.
My strengths:
My aptitude to analyze complex business data and to transform it into easy to understand figures and KPIs, using my own charts and self designed software.
A strong ability to visualize complex situations in simple pictures. Explain business processes and calculations in clear visual charts.
Present the production of food and beverage in easy to understand diagrams.

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About me
About me
HACCP manual, work templates
Integration of a HACCP management
Sample files and software
KPI management
KPI management tools
Project management
Development of new revenue streams
Annual budget, monthly budget, forecast
Budget, planing, forecast


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